Arrowood Indemnity Company

Updated: 12/5/2023

Arrowood Indemnity Company was declared insolvent by the Delaware courts on 11/8/23. The Delaware Insurance Regulators have appointed a Receiver to handle the affairs of the insolvent company. The NCIGA is currently waiting for electronic claim files to arrive. Only claims for North Carolina insureds and claimants will be forwarded to the NCIGA for handling. To determine if the NCIGA is the proper handling guaranty association, the location of the injusry or property from which the claim arises must be in North Carolina. 

At this time, we don’t have any additional information other than what is in this message. If you have any questions about indemnity or medical payments please contact the receiver;

You can call (302) 543-2496 or write to:    
c/o Delaware Bureau of Rehabilitation and Liquidation  
1 Righter Parkway Suite 280  Wilmington, DE 19803-1555
Email address:
If you wish to make an inquiry to the NCIGA about a claim, please send an email to This will be the fastest way to receive a response. 

For the most up to date information visit