United Property Casualty

Updated: 3/7/2023

United Property Casualty was declared insolvent by the Florida courts on 2/27/23.  The Florida Insurance Regulators have appointed a Receiver to handle the affairs of the insolvent company. THe NCIGA is currently waiting for electronic claim files to arrive. Only claims for North Carolina insureds and claimants will be forwarded to the NCIGA for handling. To determine if the NCIGA is the proper handling guaranty association, the permanent location of the property from which the claim arises must be in North Carolina. 

At this time, we don’t have any additional information other than what is in this message. If you have any questions about the cancellation of your policy and how to secure a new policy, please contact your insurance agent. 

Until further notice, policyholders wishing to file a NEW claim should go to the company's website at or contact the company directly as follows: 

Claims:                         1-888-256-3378
Flood Claims:              1-800-759-8656

If you wish to make an inquiry to the NCIGA about a claim, please send an email to This will be the fastest way to receive a response. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Unearned Premium Claims:

Q: Will unused premium be refunded by United Property Casualty, or will they be refunded by the NCIGA?


Q:  Do I need to do anything to receive my refund?

A: The Receiver will calculate return premium amounts and send those to the NCIGA for payment.  You do not need to do anything. 

Q: Will the policyholder be refunded 100% of what is owed back to them for this unused/prorated premium?

A: The policyholder refund will include unused/prorated premium. The NC Guaranty Act requires that Unearned Premium Claims be at least $50. The maximum the NCIGA will pay on these claims is $10,000.

Q: Will Return Premium payments be paid via check or can they be electronically deposited in their account?

A: Check 

Q: For Property Insurance Unearned Premium Claims, will refunds be paid and sent to the Policyholder or to the mortgage company?

A: Generally, return premium payments are paid and sent to the Policyholder.

For the most up to date information visit the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL SERVICES WEBSITE