Frequently Asked Questions

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1. If my policy has been terminated as a result of my company's Order of Liquidation, will the guaranty association provide me a new policy?
2. Am I covered by a state property and casualty guaranty association if I purchased my policy from an unlicensed carrier or a managed care plan?
3. If my insurance company is insolvent, why isn't it in bankruptcy?
4. Will the guaranty association cover all claims that would have been covered under my policy?
5. What requirements have to be met in order for my claim to be covered by a guaranty association?
6. Do I need to file my claim with both the Liquidator and the guaranty fund?
7. How long will it take for the guaranty fund to pay my claim?
8. How can find out if my company was licensed in my state?
9. What happens if the amount of my claim is larger than the maximum amount paid by the guaranty association?
10. If my company is in liquidation, which state guaranty association should I contact with questions regarding my claim?
11. Can I file my claim with more than one guaranty fund?
12. Before my company went into liquidation, it was defending me in a lawsuit brought under my policy. What will happen now?
13. My company is in rehabilitation and my claim has not been paid. Will the guaranty fund pay my claim?
14. Will unused premium be refunded by the Insolvent Carrier or by the NCIGA?
15. Do I need to do anything to receive my Return Premium Claim?
16. Will I receive 100% of my unused/prorated premium?
17. How long will it take for me to receive my Premium Refund?
18. Will Return Premium payments be paid via check or electronically deposited in my account?
19. For homeowners Premium Refund claims, will refunds be paid and sent to the Policyholder or to the mortgage company?