There are fourteen members of the Governing Committee. Of the members, six shall be non-stock members of the Rate Bureau, six shall be stock members and two are non-voting members appointed by the Governor.

Members of the Governing Committee are elected at the annual meeting. The term is for three years, although members can be elected for a second consecutive term. Terms are staggered so that two stock and two non-stock members are elected each year.

The Constitutional Committees are an integral part of the Bureau fulfilling its statutory requirements. The following committees are currently the active constitutional committees of the North Carolina Rate Bureau.

  • Automobile Committee
  • Personal Auto Policy Subcommittee
  • Subcommittee on Operations and Underwriting
  • Property Committee
  • Property Form Subcommittee
  • Property Rating Subcommittee
  • Workers Compensation Committee
  • Workers Compensation Forms Subcommittee






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