*The Governing Committee of the North Carolina Rate Bureau and the Board of Directors of the Insurance Guaranty Association have approved the implementation of a penalty fee for late submission of annual data calls.  A penalty fee of $100.00 per day will be imposed for all late submissions.  Member companies are urged to meet the due date to avoid late penalty charges.


 Annual Calls

 Due Dates

P & C Annual Statement

March 1, 2018

Insurance Expense Exhibit

April 2, 2018

*Automobile Expense Experience

April 23, 2018

*Installment Premium Charges

May 7, 2018

*Homeowners Expense Experience

June 1, 2018

*Dwelling Expense Experience

June 1, 2018


*The Automobile Expense Experience, Installment Premium Charges, Homeowners Expense Experience, and Dwellings Expense Experience forms will be available in the Industry Data Collection (IDC) web application upon submission and processing of your Annual Statement and Insurance Expense Exhibit.  The expense experience forms will be immediately available online if the Annual Statement and Insurance Expense Exhibit are processed without error.

If you have any questions or require additional details, please call our Information Center at 919.582.1056 or you can send an email to