Circular Date Description
P-13-17  10/25/13  Revised Dwelling Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance Rates - North Carolina 
P-13-16  10/15/13  Revised Homeowners Enhancement Policy Program (HE) 
P-13-15   9/10/13 Introduction of Public Protection Classification 8B - Homeowners and Dwelling Policy Programs 
P-13-14  9/3/13  Revised Homeowners 2011 Policy Program Manual Supplement 
P-13-13  9/3/13  Revised Homeowners 2011 Historic Home Endorsement HH 32 03 07 13 
P-13-12  9/3/13  Revised Homeowners Blanket Policy Program (HB)
P-13-11  9/3/13  Revised Homeowners Enhanced Policy Program (HE) 
P-13-10   7/29/13 Homeowners 2011 Policy Program - Advisory Notice to Policyholders 
P-13-9  7/19/13  House Bill 240 - Extended Time for Proof of Loss During a Disaster 
P-13-8  7/8/13  Introduction of Insurance Services Office (ISO) Homeowners Policy Program (2011 Edition)
P-13-7  6/12/13  Actual Cash Value Loss Settlement Windstorm or Hail - Losses to Roof Surfacing - Homeowners Policy Program
P-13-6  6/4/13  Introduction of Insurance Services Office (ISO) Homeowners Policy Program (2011 Edition) 
P-13-5  3/11/13  Revised Homeowners Wind Mitigation Credits
P-13-4  3/8/13  Revised Homeowners Wind Mitigation Credits 
P-13-3  3/5/13  Revision of Homeowners Insurance Rates 
P-13-2  1/31/13   Restriction of Individual Policies - Homeowners Policy Program
P-13-1  1/24/13  2013 Data Call 

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