Workers Compensation Circulars

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Circular Date Description
C-09-34 12/10/09 ManagePolicy
C-09-33 12/10/09 Item RM-W-8033 - Revisions to Assigned Risk Adjustment Program (ARAP)
C-09-32 12/7/09 Updated WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual
C-09-31 12/7/09 Item B-1418 - Revisions to Basic Manual Classifications and Rules
C-09-30 12/1/09 Item B-1416 - Revisions to the Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
C-09-29 11/16/09 Redesigned WCIO Website
C-09-28 11/10/09 Item R-1400 - Excess Loss Factors
C-09-27 11/10/09 Item R-1401 - Retrospective Rating Plan Parameters
C-09-26 11/9/09 Residual Market Rate Filing - Approval - Effective April 1, 2010
C-09-25 11/9/09 Loss Cost Filing - Approval Effective April 1, 2010
C-09-24 9/16/09 Large Deductible Program Filings
C-09-23 9/2/09 2009 Residual Market Rate Filing
C-09-22 9/2/09 2009 Loss Cost Filing
C-09-21 8/28/09 Item RMW-8034 - Rule 4-F Take-Out Credit Program
C-09-20 8/5/09 Insurance Data Quality One-Day Workshop - October 21
C-09-19 7/28/09 Update of Circular C-09-10
C-09-18 7/21/09 Revised Application for Designation of an Insurance Company (ACORD 135NC)
C-09-17 7/13/09 Updated Fine Procedures
C-09-16 6/23/09 ConAgra Plant Explosion
C-09-15 6/04/09 Medical Data Call
C-09-14 6/03/09 Item B-1414 - Revisions to Basic Manual Rule 3-A
C-09-13 5/14/09 Revised Retrospective Rating Plan Manual and Endorsements
C-09-12 4/24/09 A- Rate Transition Program
C-09-11 4/17/09 PEEP - (Policy Entry and Edit Package) Training Announcement
C-09-10 4/07/09 Changes to WCIP and Basic Manual
C-09-9 3/23/09 Item B-1413 - Revisions to Basic Manual
C-09-8 3/19/09 Experience Rating Plan Manual Changes
C-09-7 3/17/09 Experience Modification Calculator
C-09-6 2/25/09 Elimination of Hard Copy Policy Data
C-09-5 2/11/09 Item B-1410 and Item B-1412 - Revisions to Basic Manual
C-09-4 2/5/09 CDX Data Retention Announcement
C-09-3 1/15/09 Item B-1411 - Revisions to Basic Manual
C-09-2 1/14/09 WC 32 03 04 - Alternate Employer Endorsement (excluding Employers Liability)
C-09-1 1/12/09 Assigned Risk Take-Out Credit Program - Calendar Year 2008
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