Workers Compensation Circulars

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Circular Date Description
 C-11-16 12/13/11   NCCI Item RM-W-8038 - Establishment of Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Rule 4-G - Available Coverages
C-11-15  11/8/11  NCCI Item E-1402 - Experience Rating Plan Changes
C-11-14  11/3/11   Loss Costs, Assigned Risk Rates and Miscellaneous Values to be Effective April 1, 2012
C-11-13  10/26/11  NCCI Item RM-W-8040 - Revision to Basic Manual Rule 4-C - Loss Sensitive Rating Plan (LSRP)
C-11-12  10/21/11   NCCI Item B-1423 - Elimination of Ex-Medical Coverage - NCCI Item P-1409 - Elimination of Ex-Medical Coverage Endorsements
C-11-11  10/21/11   Rejected Unit Statistical Report Notification
C-11-10 9/30/11 UPDATE OF CIRCULAR C-11-6 - NCCI Item RM-W-8039 - Establishment of Basic Manual Rule 4-H - Producer Fees
C-11-9 9/20/11 New Code for Unit Statistical Reporting
C-11-8 9/8/11 Review Made September 1, 2011
C-11-7 9/7/11 NCCI Item B-1424 - Revisions to Basic Manual Classification Code 7711 - Firefighters & Drivers - Volunteer and Discontinuation of Statistical Code 9219 - Volunteer Firefighters - Head Count
C-11-6 8/26/11 CIRCULAR UPDATE - PLEASE SEE CIRCULAR C-11-10 DATED SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 FOR A CORRECTION TO THIS CIRCULAR - NCCI Item RM-W-8039 - Establishment of Basic Manual Rule 4-H - Producer Fees
C-11-5 7/15/11 NCCI Item B-1422 - Revisions to Miscellaneous Values Payroll Determination Formula for Codes 7370, 9178, 9179 and 9186 and Revisions to Basic Manual Appendix F
C-11-4 6/7/11 Item RM-W-8037 - Revisions to Assigned Carrier Performance Standards
C-11-3 5/18/11 Experience Rating Data Available via CDX
C-11-2 2/21/11 Group Claim Reporting Elimination
C-11-1   1/13/11  Assigned Risk Take-Out Credit Program - Calendar Year 2010
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