Workers Compensation Circulars

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Circular Date Description
C-15-24  12/16/15  House Bill 765 - Change in Definition of "Employee" 
C-15-23  12/15/15  R1411 - Retrospective Rating Manual Changes
C-15-22  11/17/15  2015 Medical Data Report - North Carolina 
C-15-21  11/5/15  NCCI Item B-1429 - Establishment of Audit Noncompliance Charge 
C-15-20  11/4/15  Data Confidentiality Statement 
C-15-19  10/21/15  Increase to Premium Eligibility Threshold for Experience Rating 
C-15-18   10/21/15 Elimination of State Special Class Codes 
C-15-17  10/21/15  Residual Market Rate Filing
C-15-16  10/21/15  Loss Costs Filing 
C-15-15  9/28/15  NCCI Item B-1430 - Elimination of Anniversary Rating Date (ARD) 
C-15-14  8/31/15  2015 Residual Market Rate Filing 
C-15-13  8/31/15  2015 Loss Costs Filing 
C-15-12  8/12/15  Elimination of P. O. Box Mailing Address 
C-15-11   6/15/15 Policy Data Timeliness Quality Program Fine Reports Available in ManagePolicy
C-15-10  5/26/15  Workers Compensation - Basic Manual Classifications 
C-15-9  4/10/15  Company Specific Large Risk Alternative Rating Option (LRARO) Program Filings for Retrospectively Rated Risks 
C-15-8  3/9/15  Workers Compensation February Policy Data and USR Fines 
C-15-7  2/23/15  2014 Workers Compensation Carrier Data Quality Report 
C-15-6  2/11/15  Updated Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 - Policyholder Disclosure Notice - Correction to Circular C-15-5 dated 2/6/15 
C-15-5  2/6/15 Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 - Policyholder Disclosure Notices 
C-15-4  1/22/15  Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 
C-15-3  1/22/15  Policy Data Timeliness and Quality Program - Invoice and Fine Procedures 
C-15-2  1/12/15  North Carolina Workers Compensation Statistical Plan Manual - Revised Pension Tables 
C-15-1 1/12/15 Assigned Risk Take-Out Credit Program - Calendar Year 2014
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