Frequently Asked Personal Lines Questions

Q1.What does Consent to Rate mean?
Q2.Where can I get information on Title Insurance?
Q3.How can I get a quote for a Homeowners Policy?
Q4.What can I do if I have a complaint about my insurance company?
Q5.What is the Beach Plan in North Carolina?
Q6.What is the FAIR Plan in North Carolina?
Q7.Where can I get information about flood insurance?
Q8.Where can I get specific fire rates for commercial property insurance?
Q9.Where can I get information about a specific Fire District/Fire Department?
Q10.What is the Customer Service number at Insurance Services Office (ISO)?
Q11.Can I delay the implementation of an NCRB filing?
Q12.Where can I get a Wind Only Policy?
Q13.Is Hardy Plank considered frame or masonry construction?





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