1. How can I get a quote for automobile insurance?
2. What does Consent to Rate mean?
3. I have received a Consent to Rate letter from my insurance company. What are my options?
4. Why has my insurance premium increased?
5. How does the NCRB develop rates?
6. Where can I find information on NCRB rates?
7. What can I do if I have a complaint about my insurance company related to my automobile insurance (other than SDIP)?
8. What can I do if I have a complaint about my insurance company regarding an SDIP point surcharge?
9. Where can I find manuals and policy forms for NCRB programs?
10. Can I delay the implementation of an NCRB filing?
11. What is the contact information for Insurance Services Office (ISO)?
12. When is the inexperienced operator surcharge added and removed?
13. If a household with two cars is split between one being retained and one being ceded to the facility, would either get the multi-car discount?
14. If a household has 5 or more cars and must be written on more than one policy, will the multi-car discount apply?
15. I cancelled my policy and was charged a penalty. Is this correct?
16. My policy has been ceded to the Reinsurance Facility. How do I get it removed?