The videos listed below were created for a high-level introduction to the Rate Bureau’s new private residential flood program.

NCRB Flood Program - Coverages Overview

NCRB Flood Program - Rating Overview


ManageData is a tool available through our online portal that allows data reporters to submit, track, and edit their workers compensation data with NCRB in real-time.  The videos below provide an overview of the application and include “how to” videos for common processes completed in ManageData.


These videos highlight enhancements recently applied to ManageAR which include the ability for users to electronically upload and submit supplemental applications, supporting documents and premium finance agreements.  The latest release offers agents the ability to complete and submit ownership change via our new ManageOwnership system which is tightly coupled within ManageAR. To learn more about these changes, please check out the videos below: (NOTE: these videos will open in a new window and play in sequential order. If you are interested in learning about a particular feature/function, click the applicable hyperlink below):




The videos below cover the new ManageOwnership application. ManageOwnership is NCRB's latest web-based data collection system that allows agents, carriers and insureds to enter and submit ownership change information to the NCRB for review.



If you prefer written material, please feel free to access/download the user guides below:

If you have questions that are not covered in any of the above computer based training videos, please contact our Information Center for additional information at 919-582-1056 or via email at