Q1.Who are the current Servicing & Direct Assignment Carriers in NC?
Q2.How long will it take to get an assignment once the application is received?
Q3.What is the status of my application?
Q4.Can I obtain coverage in other states through the NCRB?
Q5.Can I pick my own carrier?
Q6.What is USL&HW?
Q7.What is the Loss Sensitive Rating Plan? (LSRP)
Q8.What is the premium associated with the LSRP?
Q9.What are Terrorism charges and are they optional?
Q10.What is a Minimum Premium Policy?
Q11.What is an Interstate Mod?
Q12.If unpaid premium is owed to a carrier, can an employer get coverage?
Q13.If an employer has not complied with an audit that is associated with a prior carrier, can an employer get Workers Compensation coverage?
Q14.What is the agent commission in the Assigned Risk market?