Circular Date     Description

RF-18-9    7/29/18   Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting

RF-18-8    6/29/18   (New) Commercial Auto - Certification of Ownership Form

RF-18-7    6/7/18     Private Passenger (1) Recoupments; (2) Closing; (3) Amended Report Format

RF-18-6    6/7/18     Commercial Auto Loss Recoupment 

RF-18-5   4/10/18    Commercial Auto Loss Recoupment 

RF-18-4   3/26/18    Revised Private Passenger Other Than Clean Rates

RF-18-3   2/28/18    Standard Practice Manual Revisions

RF-18-2   2/12/18    Commercial Auto Loss Recoupment 

RF-18-1 1/23/18      Announcement of the 2018 Annual Meeting 

Circular Letters

The NCRF Circular Letters are documented updates to forms and manuals, as well as operational changes and meeting announcements. This resource is updated regularly. Please check back frequently to review these documents.




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