1. When can my company terminate or non-renew a policy ceded to the Facility and how much notice is required?
2. Do we have to offer liability coverage when a title owner and named insured currently has a North Carolina driver’s license that is suspended indefinitely?
3. Is there any Facility rule against ceding a personal automobile policy with an annual term?
4. We have a policy that has been voluntary for multiple terms. We will be ceding it for the first time at renewal. Is this considered new or renewal business?
5. We renewed a policy with Physical Damage only. Later in the term we added Liability coverage. Would the cession be submitted as new or renewal business?
6. I am an agent. How do I place an auto liability policy with the Facility?
7. I am a licensed carrier. How do I reinsure an auto liability policy with the Facility?
8. How can I confirm that my cessions have been accepted?
9. What is the difference between cancelling a ceded policy and withdrawing it?



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