The office of the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility is located at:

        2910 Sumner Boulevard
        Raleigh, NC 27616

For Directions to the NCRB, NCRF, and NCIGA offices, click here.

General Correspondence can be mailed to: 

        2910 Sumner Boulevard
        Raleigh, NC 27616

Remittances should be sent to the following address: 

        North Carolina Reinsurance Facility
        PO Box 601035 
        Charlotte, NC 28260-1035

Remittances sent by an overnight mail carrier should be forwarded to:
        Lockbox Services # 601035
        North Carolina Reinsurance Facility
        1525 West WT Harris Boulevard - NC 0802
        Charlotte, NC 28262



Member Operations Department

              Name                 Title            Email          Phone
 Debra Taylor Manager, Member Operations  919-582-1007
 Jennifer Bernhardt Senior, Member Company Analyst  919-719-3047
 Terry Brown Member Company Analyst  919-582-1053
 Patricia Stallings Member Company Analyst  919-582-1010       

Compliance Department

             Name                   Title            Email          Phone
Tom Burns Director, Auto Operations   919-719-3033
Dave Edwards Manager, Compliance  919-582-1029
Caron Hodges Manager, Compliance  919-582-1041
Kevin Braswell Manager, Planning and Analysis  919-719-3029
Sonya Anthony Claims Auditor  919-719-3037
Laura Faw Claims Auditor  919-719-3026
Neill McDowell Senior Claims Auditor  919-645-3179
Tamikia Edwards  Claims Auditor  919-582-1080
Casey Cramer Commercial Auditor   919-719-3014
Felicia Mitchell Commercial Auditor  919-582-1017
Karen Price Commercial Auditor  919-719-3011
Erin Zeller  Senior Commercial Auditor  919-582-1027
Donna Guin Senior Private Passenger Auditor  919-582-1051
Pam Bruckschen Private Passenger Auditor  919-582-1028
Linda Burrell Private Passenger Auditor  919-645-3178
Garry Rogers  Private Passenger Auditor  919-582-1004

Other Duties

            Name                  Title            Email          Phone
Linda Davis Executive Assistant  919-582-1020
Grace Chen Accounting Specialist  919-582-1015
Joan Alessandri Membership Services   919-783-9790

Senior Management

           Name               Title           Email          Phone
Joanna Biliouris              General Manager  919-783-9790
Terry Collins Chief Operating Officer   919-582-1076
Edith Davis Chief Financial Officer  919-783-9790
Andy Montano                           Automobile Manager  919-783-9790
Donna Kallianos    Claims Manager  919-783-9790



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