1. Is there a Help document available to users?
2. Do I need a logon to EDGE if my company does not cede any business to the NC Reinsurance Facility?
3. What is the role of the Group Web Administrator?
4. I am a Group Web Administrator and when setting up a new user I receive a message that the login is already in use - what does this mean?
5. If I have more than one company code for NCRF data reporting, how do I access the other companies?
6. Is the EDGE system available 24/7?
7. Is there a test environment for Member Companies?
8. How do I search for a Cession by Name of Insured?
9. Do I still have a Mid-term Cession Report?
10. How am I notified regarding my Cession, Monthly Accounting Report and Recoupment Detail File Transmission status?
11. When will a FTP Cession File or Monthly Accounting Report be reflected in EDGE?
12. If I mistakenly send in a duplicate file what will happen?
13. How will I provide proof for suspended cancellations (trans code 4) cessions or modifications?
14. How will I notify the Facility that my company is submitting Nil (nothing to report) for the monthly Accounting Report?
15. When are the Account Activity statements made available to Member Companies each month?
16. Are the Account Activity statements mailed to Member Companies each month?
17. How much data is in the EDGE system?
18. Should there be a count of items next to the Warning/Charge List under the Alerts section for Member Companies like the Error List and Suspended Items?
19. How do I correct an error on my online Error List?
20. What are the new error symbols in EDGE for the Error List?
21. If a policy has more than one error that requires the same type of correction for each transaction, is there an option to correct all of the items in error at once or will each one have to be corrected individually?



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