Circular Date Description
RF-12-16 12/20/12   Ceded Premium by Volume by Company or Group
RF-12-15    12/20/12   In-Force Policy Count
RF-12-14    12/20/12   2013 Reporting Schedule
RF-12-13 12/17/12   Revised Clean Risk Recoupment
RF-12-12 11/27/12   Minutes of the Annual Meeting held October 25, 2012
RF-12-11  11/5/12   Revision of Commercial Automobile Insurance Rates
RF-12-10  8/28/12  Expense Allowances Effective October 2012
RF-12-9 8/8/12   EDGE Newsletter - Office Relocation
RF-12-8 7/18/12   Thirty-Ninth Annual meeting
RF-12-7  6/27/12   Personal Auto Policy Revisions Correction to RF-12-6
RF-12-6  6/26/12   Personal Auto Policy Revisions
RF-12-5 6/13/12   Clean Risk Recoupment
RF-12-4  5/11/12  EDGE Newsletter - Planned outage
RF-12-3  3/19/12   Revised Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Rates - North Carolina
RF-12-2 1/31/12   NCRF Website Upgrade
RF-12-1 1/18/12   Announcement of the 2012 Annual Meeting

Circular Letters

The NCRF Circular Letters are documented updates to forms and manuals, as well as operational changes and meeting announcements. This resource is updated regularly. Please check back frequently to review these documents.




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